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 Offering competitively priced, professional boat safety examinations to the requirements of the Boat Safety Scheme throughout East Anglia and the Northern Home Counties.

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Boat Safe Surveys Ltd offers competitively priced examinations starting at just £120. As all boats are different, please contact us for a quotation. Don't forget - the price quoted will be fully inclusive of all certification & travel costs etc.

I will need to know some relevant details to provide a quotation. These are:

I accept cash or cheque payment on the day of the initial examination. Sorry, but I are not able to accept debit or credit cards. By prior arrangement, I can accept BACS (bank transfer) payments.

Prices quoted are inclusive of all travel. They include the issuing of all paperwork required: Examination Report, Appliance Record & the online Boat Safety Scheme Certificate (this will be produced onsite subject to GSM internet access in your location). Supplementary travel charges may apply for jobs outside the company’s normal area of operations. These charges will be clearly stated on the quotation either by phone or email.

Should a further visit be required within 3 months of the original examination, I will re-visit your boat for a set fee of £55 to check the items that failed the first inspection & to issue the paperwork / certificate etc. If more than 3 months has passed since the first examination I am required under BSS conditions of registration, to perform a full re-examination of the vessel and the full fee will be charged again.

* Where a gas system is present on the boat, the fee quoted is inclusive of the gas tightness test as required for the BSS examination. Should further diagnostic testing be required to find leaks and problems associated with the gas system, this will be charged at £55 per hour + parts and is subject to a separate contract outside the BSS examination as described elsewhere on this website.