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 Offering competitively priced, professional boat safety examinations to the requirements of the Boat Safety Scheme throughout East Anglia and the Northern Home Counties.

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My certificate is due to expire soon. Can I get the examination done early?

My marina owner tells me that I have to use his own BSS examiner. Why is this?

Are there any common problems that I could check before the examination?

Does my boat engine need to be running for the BSS examination?

Why will BSS examiners not unplug the 230v mains connector on my vessel or disconnect the gas cylinder so that they can check the locker underneath?

I’ve heard that the BSS certificate is now an online document. What do I get on the day of the examination?

My boat is under 4 years old and has something called 'RCD' & a 'CE' plate. Do I need a certificate?

My fire extinguishers seem alright but don't have the labels specified in the BSS Essential Guide. Why can't I use them?

What about checks that are 'advisory' on the list. Do I need to comply with these items?

Why do you have a device that you plug-in to my mains sockets?

Why do I need to be so careful about the gas system on my boat?

Why should I choose a BSS examiner who is 'Gas Safe' registered?

What happens if my boat fails the BSS examination?

My boat passed last time, so why is it now a failure?

I've been given a 'Warning Notice' & have been told that I will be reported to my Navigation Authority. What does this mean?

Why is it so expensive to get my boat examined now? I used to get it done for £50!

How do I book an examination?